Dance Dance Revolution
Extreme (8th mix)
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Let's Dance Dance Revolution!

New Songs for Extreme:

Cartoon Heroes
Cutie Chaser (morning mix)
La Copa de la Vida
Paranoia Survivor Max
Speed Over Beethoven
The Legend of Max
We Are the Champions
We Will Rock You

From DDR 7th Mix:

Candy ♥
Dive Into the Night
It's Raining Men
Little Boy
Long Train Runnin'
Look At Us
MaxX UnlimiteD
The Reflex
Waka Laka

From DDR 6th Mix:

Candy ☆
Cow Girl
I'm In The Mood For Dancing
Let's Groove
Max 300
My Sweet Darlin'
Nori Nori Nori
Ordinary World
Orion .78 (civilization mix)
So Deep
Sobakasu Freckles
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
The Centre of the Heart
True... ~Radio Edit~
Twilite Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix)
Witch Doctor (Giants Toons Version)
WWW.Blonde Girl

From DDR 5th Mix:

Healing Vision
Still in my Heart

From DDR 4th Mix:

Baby Baby Gimme Your Love
Burnin' The Floor
Cutie Chaser
Let the Beat Hit em!
My Summer Love
Saint Goes Marching
Trip Machine Climax

From DDR 3rd Mix:

Captain Jack
Dam Dariam
Dynamite Rave
End of the Century
Gentle Stress
It Only Takes A Minute
Jam Jam Reggae
La Seņorita
Luv To Me
Silent Hill

From DDR 2nd Mix:

Brilliant 2U
Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove)
El Ritmo Tropical
I Believe in Miracles
If You Were Here
Keep On Movin'
Little Bitch
Make It Better

From DDR Solo Bass 2000:

Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
Let the Beat Hit em!
Sky High
Trip Machine (luv mix)

From DDR Club Music:

20, November
Dr. Love
Genom Screams
Luv to Me
Ska a Go Go

From Dance Maniax:

Broken My Heart
Heaven is a '57 Metallic Gray
Kiss Me All Night Long

From Keyboard Mania:

Frozen Ray

From Guitar Freaks/Drum Mania:

Across the Nightmare
Destiny Lovers
Jet World
The Least 100 Seconds

From Mambo a Go Go:

La Bamba

From Beatmania:

321 Stars
Hysteria 2001
Miracle Moon
Sana Morette Ne Ente

From Beatmania III:

TwinBee ~Generation X~

From Beatmania IIDX:

Aoi Shoudou (For Extreme)
Burning Heat!
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I do not claim ownership to Dance Dance Revolution or to the songs of Dance Dance Revolution.
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