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20, November
Boom Boom Dollar
Captain Jack
Dam Dariam
Do It All Night
Dynamite Rave
End of the Century
Follow The Sun
Gentle Stress
If We Took A Holiday
In The Navy
It Only Takes A Minute
Jam Jam Reggae
Keep On Movin'
La Señorita
Luv To Me
Mr. Wonderful
Oh Nick Please Not So Quick
Silent Hill
So Many Men
Upside Down
Vol. 4

Songs from 3rd Mix Korean Versions:

Ba Kkwo
Bu Dam

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This is not a complete collection of the songs from 3rd mix. If you have any MIDIs from 3rd mix or know where I can get MIDIs from 3rd mix THAT I DON'T ALREADY HAVE, then please email me at
If you are looking for a 3rd Mix Plus MIDI that is not here, then try checking the 4th mix section to see if it is there.

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