Dance Dance Revolution
6th Mix (DDR MAX)
MIDI Files

Let's Max!!!

Bye Bye Baby Balloon
Candy ★
Cow Girl
Healing Vision
I'm In The Mood For Dancing
Let's Groove
Max 300
My Sweet Darlin'
Nori Nori Nori
Ordinary World
Orion .78 (civilization mix)
So Deep
Sobakasu Freckles
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
The Centre of the Heart
True... ~Radio Edit~
Twilite Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix)
Witch Doctor (Giants Toons Version)
WWW.Blonde Girl
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This is not a complete collection of the songs from 6th mix. If you have any MIDIs from 6th mix or know where I can get MIDIs from 6th mix THAT I DON'T ALREADY HAVE, then please email me at

I do not claim ownership to Dance Dance Revolution or to the songs of Dance Dance Revolution.
All DDR songs are © by their respective owners.