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This page is dedicated to providing you with MIDI music files for the arcade version of "In The Groove". Currently I have 12 files for you. This page will be built completely from submissions from people just like yourself. I do not have time to dig up these files myself due to work and everything else that I have to do, but I will gladly put them on the site if you can find/make them for me. :-)

You of course will be credited for your submissions that get put onto the website.

Please click here to go to the official submission form for you to send me your Midis.

All your MIDI are belong to us! X-D

I had meant to make a page for In the Groove 2 Midis but I have not gotten around to it, nor do I suspect that I will have the time in the near future for such a project. If you send me MIDIs for the game though I may get around to it after all.

Instead, I have prioritized making Stepmania Simfiles that will work on In The Groove 2 arcade machines over making the ITG2 Midi page... Please check out Smurfy Sailor's StepMania (In The Groove 2 Arcade) Simfiles Page Thank you for visiting and please stop on by again soon.

XOXO- Smurfy Sailor

Some submission guidelines~ All files you send to me for this page must have the midi extension ".mid" on them. Do not send ANY other format of audio file to me. You will not be compensated with money of any kind, this is strictly voluntary your submission. Please tell me the name you wish to be credited with in your submission(s). Thank you for your interest in my website. Have a nice day. :-)
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This is not a complete collection of the songs from In the Groove. If you have any MIDIs from In the Groove or know where I can get MIDIs from In the Groove THAT I DON'T ALREADY HAVE, then please email me at smurfysailor@gmail.com

I do not claim ownership to In the Groove or to the songs of In the Groove.
All In the Groove songs are copyright by their respective owners.