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Profile for Smurfy Sailor

This is a picture of the online entity known as Smurfy Sailor
About Me:
Hi I am neosmurfay, AKA Smurfy Sailor, and I am into lots of things including playing video games, watching comedy tv shows, cartoons & animé, listening to Pop/Rock/Dance/Euro music, and most importantly I enjoy having fun. :-) I also enjoy watching science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror thriller tv shows and movies. If you haven't already seen it, I have a really cool website with games I made myself, image galleries, music, stories, and lots of other fun stuff. If you want to check it out, please visit: Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe

Music is awesome!!!
I love a lot of different music from all over the world. Especially I love to listen to Pop, Rock, Dance, Trance, & Eurobeat music.
Some of my favourite singers/groups include:

Clique Girlz, Demi Lovato, Miranda Cosgrove, Sofie, Lights, Girls Aloud, Novaspace, Missing Heart, Smile.DK, Hilary Duff, Djumbo, September, Infernal, Fragma, DJ Sammy, Nightwish, Evanescence, Jordin Sparks, Linkin Park, Bambee, Cascada, & E-Rotic. There are many others I enjoy too, but I seem to listen to these artists a bit more often than the others I could list. 8-)

Here are some of my Favourite TV Shows:
My favourite TV shows generally are among Cartoons, Animé, Comedy Shows, & Sci-Fi genres.

Cartoons: Powerpuff Girls, Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian, Smurfs, Totally Spies!, Stoked, Gary & Mike, Undergrads, South Park, 6 Teen, Baby Blues, Dilbert, Daria, The Tofus, & Sons of Butcher.
There are so many more that I enjoy, I could list them all, but it could take me all day to do that. :sweat:

Animé: Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara, Card Captor Sakura, Pokémon (until they got rid of Misty), Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Monster, Hell Girl, Cowboy Bebop, Pretty Cure, Wedding Peach, Tokyo Mew Mew, & other animé w/super cute animé girls. ^_^

Favourite Comedies/Sit Coms (non-animated): iCarly, Lizzie McGuire, Married with Children, Even Stevens, Fries with That, Prank Patrol, Corner Gas, The Amanda Show, Life with Derek, & Family Biz. Again it would take all day for me to think of all the shows that I enjoy. XP

Sci-Fi/Misc: Star Trek: TNG, Dark Oracle, 7th Heaven, Degrassi: TNG, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Psi Factor, and other really scary shows with a good plot.

Favourite Games:
Dance Dance Revolution, StepMania, and other Dance simulation games such as Pump It Up, In The Groove, Dance Maniax, Para Para Paradise, etc. Also enjoy Beatmania, Pop'n Music, & Pinball.

Online Games: Neopets & Maple Story

RPG games: Zelda, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Gauntlet, I'll add more later.

Smurfy Statistics:

Formerly known as (many years ago): Clefairy

Offline Identity: (Not Telling)

Other names known by offline: (Wouldn't you like to know...) :-P

Sex: Male

Gender: I can easily fit into either catergory of the two stereotypes. :-P

Age: 28 years of age (2010)

Favorite thing to say: Have a smurfy day and/or night. :-)

I am a professional dance dancer. (DDR-Dance Dance Revolution)
I am a big-time legend at the local arcades.
I am way beyond being a pinball wizard.
I also kick serious butt at the soul line of games (including Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur 2).
I have maxed out all 8 (normal+turbo) characters on Gauntlet Legends. And I mean maxed out EVERYTHING, including accumulating 99999 in gold.
I have also maxed out all 16 characters on Gauntlet Dark Legacy. And I mean maxed out EVERYTHING, including accumulating 99999 in gold.
I also enjoy many other arcade games as well and do exceptionally well at most of them too.

I kick butt at computer games too. I have had my time in the spotlight many many times at Neopets. I have spent way too much time at that website because it is so damned addictive. Be sure to read my Neopets Experience for a very in depth overview of my experiences at the website and my opinions and comments of the site.

Currently enjoying the wonderous freedom of the single life.

What I look for most in personality: Fun, Sense of humour, intelligent

Sexiest physical trait of a woman: Orange hair and freckles

Most repulsive physical trait of a woman: Large breasts ~ Boobs are gross, I want a flat-chested woman.

Our Reality is what we make it to be, we choose whether we are happy or not in life.

Making fantasy a reality. :-D

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite website (other than my own websites): Neopets

Favourite thing to watch on TV/Movies: Cartoons and other shows that I find to be fun and entertaining to my tastes.

Least Favourite Thing to Watch on TV/Movies: Sports Shows (I prefer to play rather than to watch others), Boring-Educational Crap (I don't mind watching educational stuff if its interesting to me.), I am not much of a Soap Opera Fan Either.

Favourite Cartoon: Dave the Barbarian (This show is so cool and is so funny, lol)

Favourite Animé: Sailor Moon (still after all these years, lol)

Least Favourite Cartoon: Ripping Friends (Ugggggggggghhhhhh!)

Least Favourite Animé: Super Milk Chan (This show is a pure insult! I find it highly offensive and is not only an insult to animé, but also to the cartoons they are imitating in the animé!!!)

Favourite Pinball Machine: Data East Jurassic Park

Favourite Video Game: Too hard to decide.

Most evil Pinball Machine ever played (and mastered): Bram Stoker's Dracula

Most favourite DDR Arcade Mix: This one is tough but I'd have to say 4th mix because of the animation and the music content, and definitely the hottest girl characters to choose from. ^_^
(between 6th 7th and 8th mixes I like 8th Mix DDR Extreme best)

Least Favourite DDR Arcade Mix: Oh God, definitely 2nd Mix/ 1.5 Mix

Wanna know even more about me? Well send me an email and ask me a question or 2 or 3.

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